The Package Deal

Buying property and a Fleetwood home at the same time, also called a "land/home" transaction, offers the buyer some big advantages:

  • Conventional financing - Because real property is involved, a better mortgage rate may be arranged with a conventional mortgage.
  • Equity growth - A Fleetwood home on property you own can appreciate just as a site-built home does.
  • Flexibility - You're free to choose the land you want and to site your home to the best advantage.

The Financing "Sweet Spot"

Because land/home buyers can use conventional home mortgages to finance their new home purchase, they can often save thousands of dollars compared to chattel loans. Conventional loans do require more documentation and a more detailed application process, but the money that you might save with the lower interest rates available may be worth it to you. As your local home professional about financing connections and options in your area.

Land/Home Options

Many Fleetwood home stores offer "land/home" packages for sale. These either have new homes in place or the buyer can choose which home they want on an undeveloped site.

Or you can choose to find your own property and purchase a home for it. The advantages of better financing and the flexibility to choose make land/home attractive to many buyers.