Oilfield Housing Solutions

Fleetwood Provides Oilfield Housing Solutions

Fleetwood Homes began in 1950 as a manufacturer of travel trailers.  A few years later, we leveraged this expertise to pave the way for a whole new industry – residential homes built off-site in a controlled environment.  Fleetwood’s roots are in meeting the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of its customers.  This approach has allowed us to become one of the nation’s largest homebuilders with nearly 1,500,000 families calling a Fleetwood home.

Today, Fleetwood has also become an industry leader in oilfield and employee housing providing a wide variety of factory-built solutions from housing and office solutions to portable, wheeled and/or skid unit solutions.  Fleetwood produces single and multiple section units, to both HUD and IRC code, for a number of different projects throughout the oilfield regions of the United States and Canada.  We work directly with lodging companies, oil companies, community owners and municipalities to provide comfortable, well-designed living and work spaces.

At Fleetwood, we understand that in business, time is valuable.  Fleetwood has the experience and expertise to help you get the building that suits your needs.  Our in-house engineering staff can work with you on a custom design to get you up and running faster with less out-of-pocket expense than traditional construction. 

If you are interested in working with Fleetwood on your next project, please contact

Steve Quick

(615) 202-0245