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Why Pay Rent

When you look at all the benefits of buying a new Fleetwood factory-crafted home, it's clear that owning your own home gives you much more for your money. Check out the advantages of owning versus renting and you'll see why it's so rewarding to become a Fleetwood homeowner.

Owning a New Fleetwood Home

Renting an Older Home or Apartment

Your mortgage payments build equity and may qualify for several significant tax advantages.

Your rent payments go straight to your landlord's equity.

Lock in your payment. Many mortgages enable you to keep your monthly payments consistent for years to come.

Your monthly rent can change unpredictably at the whim of your landlord.

Your home is yours until you decide to sell.

You can be forced to move if your landlord decides to sell.

New construction, new carpets and paint, new kitchen cupboards, new fixtures, new appliances-everything in your home is brand new.

Worn carpets, out-dated appliances, and sub-standard upkeep are common in rentals.

More space for the money. For the same rent you're paying now, you may get more room for your family and more storage for your personal property.

In a typical apartment, you're limited to a storage shed and assigned parking.

You own it, you can make it yours. Choose the colors, carpets, cabinets and floor plan. And you can redecorate or remodel whenever you please.

If you want to upgrade a rental or apartment, you have to get permission. If you move, your landlord keeps the value of your improvements.

Greater privacy with room for a yard or garden.

Noisy neighbors, cooking odors, and a microscopic patio if you're lucky.

New electrical and plumbing, plus a home warranty and one-call problem resolution.

Outdated fixtures and often minimal maintenance-give the landlord written notice of the problem and wait.

Energy-efficient windows, insulation and appliances reduce your utility costs.

The typical landlord doesn't care about energy-efficiency; there's no incentive to keep your utility bills down.