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Your Land

Developing Your Property

Found the land on which you want to build? Congratulations! Fleetwood homes can be ideal for installing on undeveloped land. Planning, site preparation, and installation are all important to the long-term durability of your home. We can help you with the entire process.

Our Home Consultants can advise you on the issues:

  • Zoning
  • Access
  • Utilities
  • Permits

Purchasing land not the best option for you? Learn about leasing property.

Buying land in a subdivision

A big advantage of planned subdivisions is that much of the preparation work, including streets, lights, landscaping and utilities, has already been done.

As with undeveloped land, consider the practical factors:

  • Are there covenants and/or home owner's associations?
  • Ask the locals - What are their experiences?
  • Amenities - What is available in the community?